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My HP laptop won’t turn on

You switch on your HP laptop it wont turn.

Don’t panic yet

It could possibly be a glitch that you can easily fix, we will cover a couple of things you can do to fix your laptop.

At times the power light will be on but nothing will be displaying.

First would be check if the issue is not flea power, if so draining flea power a procedure that takes less than a minute is the fix you need.

Drain Flea power

Computer CPU
Computer CPU, flea power can collect on computer hardware causing issues

This will fix your laptop if it shows lights on but there is no display. But you can try it even if the lights are not showing.

  • Disconnect the laptop charger.
  • Then remove the battery if its easily removable if not skip this step
  • Next press and hold the power button for 20 seconds.
  • This will clear any residual electricity on you computer.
  • Now connect the laptop charger and turn on the laptop

If its the issue of flea power which is residual electricity that remains circulating on your computer hardware when your computer is disconnected from a power source then it will be cleared by the above procedure

Power Supply and Electricity adapter

I know this one is a dead give away.

But we need to rule out all possibilities that are causing the laptop not to turn on.

If there are no lights showing or fans spinning, check if the laptop is receiving power at all.

Start with the wall outlet where you connect your charger.

Plug in a different appliance or gadget to test if the socket works. If the gadget works then you know that power is okay.

Also check your power cables.

And rule out any power issues.

Battery and Charger

Additionally make sure your charger and battery are okay.

Faulty batteries can give you headaches. Always make sure when you do a battery replacement you get it from a reliable source and its for your specific laptop. In this case it would an HP laptop battery and you can order from the manufacturer website or on HP’s Amazon’s store.

Same goes for the charger, they are dozens of cheap counterfeit chargers so chose correctly.

For charger if you have someone else who uses an HP laptop you can use it test if your is faulty. Do not use a charge that’s not for HP even if it fits in the charging port.

Damaged HP laptop charger
Damaged HP laptop charger can cause detrimental issues to your laptop

Don’t use chargers with frayed or chipped cables, they can cause short circuiting.

Actually it can even fry your motherboard.

Rather buy a proper charger or it will end up costing you a whole computer.


Heating is a big issue when it comes to computers.

Your computer is designed with ventilation in mind and it will try to protect itself from overheating.

If you laptop is overheating it will turn off and not turn on until it cools down to normal temperature.

Make sure you are not covering any of the air vents so air can circulate freely and cool down the computer.

Furthermore check if the fans are working. You will hear them spin when you turn on the computer as the computer performs self test.

If the fans are not working then your HP laptop is not being cooled. It will not turn on.

External Device and peripherals

Faulty external hardware can interfere with your computer not turning on. Disconnect non essential external hardware.

Disconnect external hard drives, camera and phones if you have any connected to the computer.

If you have an older HP laptop check for any disc in the disc tray. Eject any disc in the disk drive.

CDs and DVDs can affect your computer and make it not turn if the disc drive is set as the first boot device.

Faulty Display

Modern laptops have an HDMI port which you can plug as second display. This comes in handy if your laptop screen is faulty or its not displaying. Also if the screen brightness is too low you it might not display.

If the computer is not displaying but is showing signs of being on, connect a secondary monitor with an HDMI cable.

Then on your computer simultaneously press the windows key and P, Next press the down arrow and enter. The computer will display on both monitors.

If its the laptop screen with an issue you it will display on the other monitor only.

HP tech support and warranty

After you have tried the above methods and it still won’t turn on. You might need expert help. If your computer is still under warranty HP tech support should be able to help with parts or replacement if there faulty parts.

If you fixed your computer with a different method let us know in the comments section how you did it. It will go a long way in helping others.

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